SiteGear is filled with useful features that will make the web work for you! Our tools will help you manage your website, post information, send out targeted marketing messages and capture information from potential clients and contacts. All through our simple to use web interface.

Website Content

Completely editable, with no limits on the number of pages you can add. Change your content any time using the simple in-browser web editing system. Insert web content that is search engine friendly. Upload and place images on any page at anytime.


SiteGear's Items tool allows you to post as many items as you want...and we can tailor the item details to meet the needs of your organization. Add unlimited pictures to an item to enhance the presentation. Feature items on your home page to increase visibility. All of this and more is yours with SiteGear.


Have you ever wanted a website that will capture prospect information and then allow you to contact that prospect with a customized message? Built into SiteGear is a communications and marketing system that will instantly capture information from prospects and even link it to the items in which they are interested. You can wake up each morning to a list of new leads that your website has generated and tap into a whole new marketplace.

Tracking and Analysis

Quickly see at a glance the number of views for any web page, or particular item as well as the number of times it has been featured. This valuable data can be used as a selling point to market your business.

Helpful Extras

A host of extra features is built-in and growing all the time.

In addition, post events and other important dates into your own personal online calendar. This calendar dynamically displays any events you post into the SiteGear system and Item Events are linked directly to the item when a visitor on your site views the event.

Need more information...contact us today to discuss the system's capabilities and how we can customize SiteGear to do anything you want!

View a demo of SiteGear's tools and websites, or look for answers in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.